Venue Pre-Cleaning

Both employee and consumer/customer perceptions of health, safety and sanitation will be critical to regain confidence in embracing food and beverage venues. Take this opportunity to undertake a deep clean using a “soup to nuts” approach. Additionally, document your cleaning efforts so this can be communicated to your customers. Some suggestions to ensure all those that enter your operation feel safe are:

  • External venue cleaning such as awnings, doors, windows, and signage;
  • Internal entryway to include host-stands and podiums;
  • Carpet/curtains steam cleaning;
  • All furniture and fixtures, especially touching up tables and checking for gum;
  • Sanitize and disinfect bathrooms;
  • Bar areas, especially customer facing;
  • Beer and soda lines flushing;
  • Kitchen floors and walls scrub;
  • Hood and flue cleaning;
  • Walk-ins deep clean; and
  • Dry storage area deep clean.

Additional sample venue pre-cleaning checklist templates can be found below:

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