Starting an In-House Delivery Program

Choosing to develop an in-house delivery system for your restaurant involves some careful analysis, budgeting, and planning. According to Toast, here are 10 considerations worth addressing if you’re interested in developing your own delivery service rather than leaning on a third-party delivery company:

  1. Delivery Vehicles and Staff: You’ll need to pay for delivery cars or pay your couriers to use their cars.
  2. Gas Money: You’ll need to set up a system to track gas use and reimburse couriers for filling up the tank.
  3. Hiring Dedicated Delivery Prep Staff: As soon as your restaurant processes 30+ delivery orders per day, you’ll need to hire an employee dedicated to delivery.
  4. Insurance: There are delivery insurance plans that cover car insurance, business owners’ policies and workers compensation in case the driver gets injured.
  5. Your Packaging: Make sure the experience your customer is delivered when opening up the package or bag aligns with your restaurant brand.
  6. Designate Space for High-Volume Deliveries: You need room to store each order after it’s prepared. Shelves make it easier for couriers to gather orders
  7. Food Storage and Transportation: You will need to invest in insulated bags, coolers, and boxes to transport food without it becoming too warm or too cold
  8. A Reliable Delivery Tracking System: If left unmanaged, an un-tracked delivery system could lead to long wait times, theft, or unruly delivery overhead.
  9. Establish a Payment Process: You will need to determine when the customer submits payment: when their food is ordered or once it’s delivered, and a receipt.
  10. Choose a Communication Method: When a driver goes on dispatch, they need to be able to communicate with you. Should you give couriers a dedicated phone?

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