Responding to Customer Reviews

Marketing your business online, whether it’s with social media, paid search or other mediums, includes engagement with your customers. Being prepared to respond to customer reviews, the good, bad and the ugly, will help you address potential issues, build brand loyalty and manage your important business reputation. Positive reviews are obviously easier – make sure to acknowledge and thank your customers for those. Responding to negative reviews is trickier, so here are a few best practices to follow:

  • Be timely by following up as soon as possible
  • Apologize for what went wrong and if necessary, explain your policy regarding the issue
  • Don’t be defensive and always maintain your professionalism
  • Make the situation right if the complaint deserves action
  • Explain what you will do to prevent the situation from happening again
  • Don’t take a negative review personally and use it as an opportunity to regain a customer’s trust and business

For additional guidance about responding to reviews on various online platforms, see the articles below.

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