How Your Store Translates Online

As the landscape in retail changes, so does the perceived marketing value of merchandising and  the interaction in store. Retailers will need to adapt to consumers comfort level of purchasing online and capture their attention in more digital ways.

  • Floor Displays → Website Banners: Although still relevant, floor displays placed at the middle or rear of the store will not drive the same behavior with new consumer buying patterns. Website banners will draw equivalent attention to a floor display for online shoppers.
  • Shelves → Online Product List: With consumers minimizing time in-store, browsing shelves is not an ideal buying experience. The online product list, however, allows customers to calmly navigate retailer suggestions at their leisure.
  • Featured Item → Targeted Email Blast and Online Feature: As mentioned above, browsing in-store is no longer a desirable option. Online features and email blasts give consumers a focus and allow for more details on promotions.
  • In-Store Up Sell → Online Suggestive Sell: Social distancing will continue to be top of mind and interaction in-store will continue to be minimal. Therefore, utilize social media to capture your audience’s attention and suggestively sell through an engaging post.

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