Home Occasion Essentials

Consumers are creating at home occasions and experiences. What are you doing to ensure you are providing the consumer with a basket full of home occasion essentials? From holidays to sip & paints, virtual engagement seems to be creating a new standard. Take a look at some of the suggestions below to make sure this trend does not pass you by.

  • Recipes – Offer an array of easy cocktail recipes for every season, helping consumers to create the perfect at-home occasion. Limit your recipes to five ingredients and give your customers a step by step guide through social media or your webpage on how to recreate these cocktails.
  • One-Stop-Shop – Consumers do not want to make multiple trips and wonder if they grabbed the right ingredients. By posting recipes with items you are able to supply, you can increase your customers basket with a single click.
  • Social Media Ambassador – Not savvy with social? Find someone who is. Bartenders are front and center in the social media world. Consumers engage in their sites, as they create beautiful cocktails and share tips and tricks for at-home consumption. Why not hire a part-time social media ambassador to build your customer base?
  • Partnerships – Is there a bar or restaurant you can partner with? Building relationships with neighboring businesses could yield a high return. Inquire with local restaurants about cross-promoting through offers.

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