Getting the Word Out

Once you’ve set up your to-go or delivery programming, it’s time to make it easy for customers to order and get the word out.

Make sure you post an easy-to-read menu on your website. An easy to read menu must:

  • Be easy to find;
  • Current;
  • Short;
  • Visually appealing;
  • Light on graphics and images;

It should also explain how customers can order – by phone, email, text or delivery app. If you have a listing on Yelp, don’t forget to add your menu there as well!

You also should be leveraging your marketing and social media channels.

  • Announce on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter that you’re now offering pickup and delivery.
  • Email your customers about your new pickup and delivery offering and tell them how to order.
  • Promote reminders about pickup and delivery regularly on your social media channels.

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