Employee and Guest Health

Your employees and guests will want to know that their health and safety is your number-one priority. Following are several basic procedural tactics to help demonstrate your commitment:

  • Ensuring required PPE is being worn by both employees and management
  • Establishing procedures for screening employees and customers prior to entering your venue
  • Establishing a procedure for responding to a presumed employee COVID-19 case
  • Creating a procedure for employees to respond to a presumed customer COVID-19 case
  • Creating health and sanitation protocols will ensure both guests and employees feel safe at your establishment
  • Ensuring physical distancing protocols for both customers and employees, such as table spacing and avoiding queues
  • Making hand sanitizer dispensers available, preferably touchless, whenever possible
  • Front and Back of House signage reminder regarding the handling, usage and disposal of gloves and masks

Many state restaurant and lodging associations are offering business certifications for meeting the highest possible hospitality and safety standards related to COVID-19. Check with your specific state association to see if you can apply for such a designation.

Additional resources for PPE:

Examples of best in class checklists:

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