Business Optimization

Faced with reduced capacities and other restrictions, optimizing the way you operate your business is just as important as how you market it.

  • Dine Around the Clock – Create a plan (timeline) that clearly defines a new structure for dining seating by streamlining the operation during times of reduced occupancy. This also creates an opportunity to increase table turnover and maximize efficiency.
  • Digital Menus – Switch to digital menus in order to provide patrons a safe and sanitary way to instantly view your menu on their personal mobile devices. Southern Glazer’s is partnered with BrandMuscle, a leader in local marketing and the nation’s largest menu producer, to provide SpotMenus, a digital menus platform, to customers in certain markets. Ask your SGWS Sales Consultant for more information.
  • Wine and Cocktail on Tap – Serving wine and cocktails on tap is becoming a popular trend in many restaurants and bars. Having these drinks ready to serve straight from the tap not only cuts down on drink preparation time, but it also ensures consistency among drinks. And where there are improvements to volume and quality, revenue is sure to follow suit.
  • A Batch Made in Heaven – Being able to batch intricate and complicated ingredients in a larger format makes measuring a lot easier and, in most cases, makes them more precise. The result? Every bartender produces the exact same drink. It’s this consistency that promotes repeat business and customer affiliation. It goes without saying, but measuring more precisely will also lead to cost savings down the line.

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