5 Ways to Maximize Social Media

Just opening a social media account and posting occasionally does not guarantee success. It takes a thoughtful strategy, ongoing engagement and a commitment to creating great content. Here are five tips to maximize your social media program.

  1. Create winning strategy – Define your target audience, set clear social media goals and commit to regular posting by creating a content calendar to plan and schedule your posts in advance.
  2. Optimize your profile – Write an effective bio for your business and have a professional and consistent profile photo or logo on all of your channels.
  3. Share great content – Your content is what connects your audience with your business. Leverage a variety of tactics such as videos, polls and surveys, blog posts, giveaways, news and employee features to keep things fresh, interesting and engaging.
  4. Grow and engage your audience – Understand the best times to post on different channels for your audience, understand and use trending hashtags, post regularly and ask your followers questions to keep people engaged and coming back.
  5. Measure success and make adjustments – Use the insights and analytics tools available from the social media channels you use to measure what’s working and adjust what’s not.

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